Refined & Delicious

Afternoon Tea

Weekends are an indulgent affair at H Tasting Lounge. Our elegant afternoon tea service features seasonally-rotating sweet and savoury delicacies, including earl grey chocolate tarts, beignets, tiramisu, prosciutto croissants, shrimp salad charcoal buns and more. All of these mouth-watering items are served from a picture-perfect golden Ferris wheel, and are complemented by our world-famous cotton candy bonsai trees. Brimming golden tea cups accompany, featuring Tealeaves loose leaf selections rotating by season and region. Take your tea tasting experience to new heights with an elevated tea-infused cocktail. $55/person.

Tea Selection

Imbibe in a selection of Tealeaves loose leaf tea blends to complement your mouthwatering spread of sweet and savoury delicacies.