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Complex & Creative


Shaken, bubbly, or stirred and boozy, our signature cocktail program offers innovative recipes prepared just right to satisfy the senses.

Cocktail Spotlight

Thinner Walls

Tequila, snow peas, suze, lemon, soda

This cheeky, earthy concoction was named after its flavour and garnish; the walls of a snow pea are thinner than most other peas.

House Cocktails


  • Late Blossom (2.5 oz)

    Vodka, st. germain, lillet blanc, nutcracker tea, honey, lime, soda
  • Rye Chai (2.5 oz)

    Rye, mezcal, apricot liqueur, falernum, lemon, chai tea


  • Metropolitan (2.5 oz)

    Vodka, vermouth, kiwi suma & lime bitters
  • Silver Fannings (3 oz)

    Noteworthy gin, lillet rosa, dry vermouth, white tea, silver


  • Champagne Cocktail (4 oz)

    Champagne, bitters, demerara
  • Climbing Over the Arbor (3 oz)

    Gin, lemon, celery bitters, sparkling crémant rosé
  • Kentucky Cannon (3 oz)

    Bourbon, lemon, orgeat, yuzu, prosecco


  • True Lies (2 oz)

    Vodka, charred pineapple, lemon juice, pineapple compote
  • West of New Guinnea (1.5 oz)

    White rum, coconut, falernum, lime, soda
  • Thinner Walls (2.5 oz)

    Tequila, snow peas, suze, lemon, soda

Stirred & Boozy

  • Opportune Moment (2.25 oz)

    Sparrow rum, brandy, sherry, smoke & oak bitters
  • Post Hibernation (3 oz)

    Bearface whiskey, scotch, averna, sweet vermouth, bitters
  • Peace Prize (3 oz)

    Rye, cynar, sweet vermouth, black tea, bitters


  • Peaceful Garden

    jasmine pearl tea, elderflower, citrus, rose
  • Yuzu Spritz

    yuzu, lemon, cucumber, soda
  • Dressing on the Side

    white tea, snap pea, lemon
  • Rolling Uphill

    mountain berry tea, coconut, lime, soda