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Carefully curated cocktails tell a story with intricate flavours and worldly-inspiration. Travel to unique destinations on Howard Hughes personal adventure with cocktail recipes inspired by the cities he conquered. Fly with H Tasting Lounge and indulge in unique spirits, redefined classic cocktails and creative concoctions.


  • Alaska Cocktail No. 2 (Fairbanks)

    A place filled with gold and icebergs. Tanqueray 10, Luxardo Saint Antonio, orange bitters and lemon oils. Served with an iceberg and a touch of gold.
  • Foshay Tower (Minneapolis)

    Where art deco architecture and scandinavian migration collided. Hayman’s Old Tom, akvavit, elderflower, dill, house pickle.
  • Apple Jack Silver Fizz (New York)

    After Hughes’ world record flight, New Yorkers lined the streets with a ticker tape parade. Apple brandy, cider, egg white, sugar, topped with soda and matchstick apple.
  • Eiffel 75 (Paris)

    Imagine landing in Paris and this drink awaits you at the last step before you walk onto the tarmac... Hennessey cognac, lemon juice, chardonnay lees sirup, topped with champagne, lemon oils.
  • Muscovite (Moscow)

    Arriving at the capital of Russia in 1938... Ketel One vodka, lime juice, haskap berry syrup, ginger beer, beet powder, siberian sweet flag.
  • Redemption Sour (Omsk)

    Touching down in Siberia to refuel, the sight of Imperial Era buildings on the horizon... Tanqueray Gin, sea buckthorn, lemon juice, orange bitters, vegan foamer.
  • House of Fabergé (Yakutsk)

    The coldest livable place has the most delicate history... Ciroc vodka, toaster hazelnut, green peppercorn, lactic acid, served in a breakable egg.