Let them eat cake

Be our guest for an afternoon of tea and exquisite cuisine inspired by the Victorian and Belle Époque eras of England and France. Our housemade indulgences blend timeless tradition and modern creativity for a vibrant, sumptuous spread. Served atop our iconic opulent golden Ferris wheel are four handcrafted sweets made lovingly by Pastry Chef Martha Ebro, and five irresistible savouries prepared by Executive Chef Steve Rutherford. While the experience itself is globally influenced, the ingredients have been meticulously sourced from fine local artisans wherever possible. With the cornerstone of the experience being the tea itself, we partnered with O-Five Rare Tea to procure an assortment of exotic finds that beautifully complement this edible experience; we even developed a proprietary Bayshore Black Tea Blend along the way.

Featured Items


With a tremendous degree of care and craftsmanship, we nuanced this traditional English dessert in order to minimize the “mess”. Served in a dainty glass vessel are layers of vanilla cheesecake, freeze-dried raspberry meringue, chantilly cream, fresh berries and edible flowers. This delightfully-decorated dish is as easy on the eyes as it is on the palate.


To showcase the integrity of this golden-yolked ingredient, Chef Rutherford decided to do away with the distractions and let the egg shine as a bread-free, standalone hors d’oeuvre. A free-range egg through and through, everything from the egg itself — to the decadent preserved lemon & chive aioli filling — is crafted from certified organic eggs harvested on Rabbit River Farms in Richmond.