Welcome to the Hundred Acre Wood

Step into the charming world of the Hundred Acre Wood with our Winnie the Pooh-inspired afternoon tea. Immerse yourself in the whimsical charm of A.A. Milne’s beloved characters as you relish delectable sweet and savoury treats and sip on delightful o5 rare teas and premium champagnes. From honey-infused delicacies to playful creations reminiscent of Pooh and his friends, this tea experience promises to transport you to a magical realm where the simple joys of friendship and sweet indulgence come together. Join us for a heartwarming journey that captures the essence of Pooh’s adventures in every delightful bite and sip.

Quench your thirst for adventure with a dazzling selection of o5 Rare Teas and premium champagnes.


If you have an allergy, please inform us ahead of time when making the reservation and we will be happy to accommodate it.


Part of the beauty of the tea-drinking ritual is its pace: slow, methodical, intentional. Each action - from the rhythmic chime of spoon kissing china - to the delicate wafts of aroma and soft sensation of steam floating to the cheeks - engages the senses, grounding you in the present moment.